Getting Started: ABC’s of the N2E

Thinking about entering the Newport to Ensenada race, and wondering what you should do next?


To get a rating for your boat, you need to be a member of the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) or of the Ocean Catamaran Racing Association (ORCA). This applies to all racers, (except for One-Design and Unlimited classes). PHRF issues the Rating for all of the PHRF boats that participate in the Race. ORCA provides NOSA with an Official Ratings List for ORCA boats.
Helpful links:
PHRF Southern California
PHRF San Diego
ORCA Contact


You need to have a sail number for your boat. If your boat doesn’t have a sail number, contact Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) to get one. If you are from out-of- state or out-ofcountry, you can obtain your sail number from your local or National Authority.
Helpful links:
SCYA Sail Number Application


On-line registration is provided on the NOSA website. View the Registration Form in advance to be sure you have all of the requested information available when you enter.
Helpful links:
Enter Online


Make sure your boat and crew are equipped for the race by following the Notice of Race and US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements.
Helpful links:
US Sailing Equipment Requirements


A number of race and safety seminars are available:
Helpful Links:
NOSA Pre-Race Seminars
US Sailing Coastal Safety at Sea Seminar


Don’t wait to make your hotel and marina arrangements. Make sure you mention that you are racing in the N2E. Hotel Coral is Race HQ and the site for Awards.
Helpful links:
Hotel Coral


Required documentation to visit Mexico by sea:
▪ Certificate of Documentation or current vessel registration
▪ Current vessel insurance
▪ Current passport for owner and crew
▪ Current vessel Temporary Import Permit (TIP)
▪ Landing Form
Helpful links:
TIP Application
Landing Form

A boat entering Mexico for the first time goes thru the official check-in process with both Mexican Customs and Immigration. By participating in the N2E race, these are expedited for you and usually handled at the marina you are staying, or at Race Headquarters at the Hotel Coral. Similarly, the boat exiting Mexico check-out procedure is handled by N2E Race management for you. You will not need to do the typical visiting of multiple downtown Ensenada offices when arriving and departing. One of the fees involved in sailing into Ensenada is a per boat fee to the Harbor Master. This is included in your entry fee and handled by N2E Race Management for you. The other significant fee is the tourist visa
fee for each person going ashore. This tourist visa can be prepaid on the internet individually or paid in Ensenada in cash at Hotel Coral (a popular choice). You can pre-fill out the Landing form or do it in
Ensenada. The current amount is $558 Mexican Pesos, about $30 USD. Mexican law also requires all passengers on a boat with fishing gear to have a Mexican fishing license.


You and your crew will need a Passport to re-enter the United States from Mexico. Also, you will need to obtain a customs decal for your boat if its LOA is 30 feet or more.
Helpful links:
Passport or Passport Card
Customs Decal


Read and comply with the CDB Documents
Helpful Links:
▪ Mexican Land Border Import Guide: Agricultural Items for Personal Use
▪ Procedures for Purging Stores, 24-hour rule
▪ Garbage Handling
▪ ROAM App - system for boats entering the US

The ROAM app is the preferred method for U.S. pleasure vessels to request admittance back into the United States. ROAM users should familiarize themselves with the app prior to their departure of the U.S. When the vessel re-enters U.S. waters, users should reset their phone to calibrate their GPS and give a more accurate location before submitting their information in ROAM. Non-ROAM boats will need to stop at Shelter Island for an inspection.

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