April 24, 2024

How to Follow the Racing

Screenshot of 2022 YB Tracker showing boats racing down the coast of California

There are two races starting on Friday April 26th: Newport to Ensenada and Newport to San Diego.

In the Newport to Ensenada Race, 126 boats broken into 13 classes. , and the first class warning will be at 1055 followed by a new class starting every 5 minutes. These boats will race the 124 miles for Ensenada.

In the Newport to San Diego Race, 21 boats in 3 classes will head

The race will start off Balboa Pier. There are two separate starting lines designated the “INSHORE LINE” and the “OFFSHORE LINE” in Newport Beach. The finish approximately .5 nm south and 0.1 nm east of Punta Morro in Ensenada, MX.

See Sailing Instructions for details.

All boats carry Yellow Brick Trackers and can be tracked via the YB Races App or online at https://cf.yb.tl/n2e2024#

The NOSA media team will send out recaps via email, website, and social media with photos from the Start available online. Follow the race on social media @NewportToEnsenada Race on Facebook, @newsfromnosa on X, and @Newport2Ensenada on Instagram

On Friday, we will be kicking off our 76th edition of this annual regatta. By then all the boat prep and registration will be behind them and just the open ocean ahead of them. Here is an overview of the Races and how to follow the two: Newport to Ensenada Race and the Newport to San Diego Race.

Newport to Ensenada Race: 126 boats, grouped into 13 classes based on their PHRF Handicap rating, (See Class Breaks on the Notice Board) will start 5 minutes apart on two different starting lines with the first class warning sounding at 10:55 AM. These teams will then head due south for a challenging 124-mile course en route to Ensenada, Mexico.

Newport to San Diego Race: Twenty-one boats, divided into 3 classes, will sail the shorter course with those classes starting after the N2E boats. (See Starting Order).

Race Logistics: Both races will commence from the iconic Balboa Pier, where two distinct starting lines, the "INSHORE LINE" and the "OFFSHORE LINE," await eager participants. The journey culminates with the finish line located approximately 0.5 nautical miles south and 0.1 nautical miles east of Punta Morro in Ensenada, Mexico. For comprehensive race guidelines, consult the Sailing Instructions provided.

Track the Action: Stay abreast of the race's progress by utilizing Yellow Brick Trackers installed on all participating vessels. Follow their journey in real-time via the YB Races App or by visiting the dedicated tracking link at https://cf.yb.tl/n2e2024#.

Stay Connected: Immerse yourself in the excitement by receiving race recaps and captivating imagery courtesy of the NOSA media team. Recap emails, website updates, and engaging social media posts will keep you informed and entertained throughout the event. Join the conversation on social media platforms by following @NewportToEnsenada Race on Facebook, @newsfromnosa on X, and @Newport2Ensenada on Instagram.

As the Newport sail races unfold, seize the opportunity to witness the beauty of competitive sailing against the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or an avid spectator, these races promise an unforgettable experience for all! Good luck to all!

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