NOSA offers seminars at several regional clubs in Southern California to help educate new N2E racers and refresh the memories of race veterans on general subjects that prepare you for this race, such as:

- tips on soliciting and organizing your crew and boat preparation
- how to navigate the registration process, such as getting a sail number and a rating certificate
- ensuring your compliance with the Notice of Race and the relevant safety standards
- preparing for entering and leaving Mexico with permits and other formalities
- organizing hotels for your team and dockage for your boat

And race-related topics such as:

- organizing the crew and developing a coherent and successful race plan
- specific racing strategy and tactical tips for this race
- preparation and storage of equipment on the boat
- navigation tips
- sail trim guidelines
- sailing at night and watch system options
- weather forecast sources and analysis tips

The presenters are experienced and have a wealth of knowledge to share, so we hope you take advantage of this by attending one of these seminars - what you learn will help not only improve your score but help to let you better relax and enjoy participating in this great race.

Presenters will be Phil Herzfeld, Bruce Cooper, John Sangmeister, and Chuck Skewes (Ullman Sails San Diego).

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Safety at Sea Seminars


Education, both in-person and online, to prepare you for offshore sailing

Why take a US Sailing Safety at Sea Course

  1. Ever wonder what you would do if someone fell overboard from your boat?
  2. Do you have a plan to deal with heavy weather if you can’t reach a safe harbor?
  3. Are you interested in selecting the right emergency communications equipment or storm sails, but you’re not sure what to buy?
    A US Sailing Sanctioned Safety at Sea Course will help you answer these questions and more!

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