April 19, 2021

Ready for Teams?

Last year, NOSA announces an alliance with the Storm Trysail Club in promoting team-based racing across the country. Last year, we awarded the Team trophy, and this year, we get to put it in play again

NOSA Staff Commodore Bill Gibbs said at the time “this new trophy offers another dimension of competitive fun to the race,” while an STC official reported that working with other offshore racing enthusiasts has been an effective and popular way to promote camaraderie and add another fun element to competitions.

The organization has worked with races such as the 50th Transpac and the 2019 Chicago-Mackinac Race nearly in which a third of each fleet formed teams eligible for Storm Trysail trophies.

Each team is composed of three boats. The only limitation to forming a team is that only two boats can be entered in the same N2E class. Otherwise, they may be composed of members of the same club or marina, all have the same color hulls, have similar names, be family members, work in the same field, or any other fun, social, recreational, affiliation.

One skipper signs up the team at https://nosa.org/team-entry and provides a name.

Gibbs said the best possible team would be three boats each finishing first in a different large class.

Scoring shall be    

  • First in 10 boat class scores 0.1 x 3 boats = 0.3.
  • Finishing first in a 20 boat class scores 0.05 x 3 boats = 0.15. 
  • Second in a 20 boat class scores 2/20 = 0.1
  • The lowest score wins.

Team entries are accepted up until April 22.

The STC is a private, by-invitation-only club dedicated to Bluewater sailing. Membership is extended to expert offshore sailors who have experienced storm conditions and have commanded a sailing vessel in adverse conditions. Established in 1938 and headquartered in Larchmont, NY, the club has long promoted good fellowship among Bluewater and ocean racing sailors, and encourage the sport of ocean racing and offshore cruising. 

Given that N2E is known for its camaraderie as much as its competitive spirit, race officials expect this to be a sought-after trophy – especially when the inaugural and “first-ever” winning rank is up for grabs.

Currently, registration is open for N2E75 which will start on three courses off the Balboa Pier on April 22.

Let’s Race!

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