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Updated: 3/17/2021

The Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race (N2E IYR)

The courses; N2E, N2SD, N2DP

What about Covid 19?

NOSA has to plan the N2E long before the event itself. We don’t know what the Pandemic situation will be at the time of our race, or what the rules will be in California or Mexico.

Option 1 – we will all be vaccinated and ready to party in Ensenada like days of old.

Option 2 – If we won’t be able to go to Mexico, we will switch all N2E entries to the new longer N2SD course, and plan to party in San Diego.

Option 3 – If large groups will not be allowed, we will cancel our parties, and offer a partial refund/credit to participants. The race itself will go on as planned. There will be a race.
San Diego has posted boating guidelines for their harbor. eopeningProtocolRecreationalBoatingNon-Commerical.pdf

March 17 update – The Covid situation continues to improve and N2E is racing to Ensenada!
If the race were held today, Mexico would take your temperature upon arriving by water, and ask you to fill out a Covid questionnaire. Driving into Mexico has nothing to do. Returning to the US there are no special covid requirements, just a normal US customs check-in if by water (see ABCs), or border crossing if by land. All race activities will comply with Covid guidelines. Today in Ensenada that means masks, distancing, and reduced occupancy indoors and outside. (Similar to San Diego) There are California Covid guidelines to be aware of. If we are lucky, Covid conditions will improve further before our race.

I have a NOSA credit from 2020 race. How does that work?

First of all, thanks for letting your 2020 entry fee ride forward to 2021. To participate in the 2021 race you have to enter the race on the NOSA website. The race fees are different in 2021. N2E is less, N2SD is more (its a longer race in 2021), N2DP is a bit less. Your credit will be applied to the new fee. Any remaining credit can be carried forward to 2022 or used to purchase items in the NOSA web clothing store. If your credit is less than the new fee, you can pay the balance. See the NORs for fee details.

What is new in 2021 N2E ?

N2E finish is further offshore.
N2E has the new Storm TrySail Team trophy
N2SD is now 92 nm around the North Coronado Island.
N2E & N2SD CRUZ fleets:
entries can go up to PF=2.0
motor use is not restricted to night only (penalty is unchanged and still stiff)
N2E & N2SD have no ORR Class, but new ORR overall trophy.
N2E & N2SD have no ORCA CRUZ class
N2DP no longer has a YB Tracker included
New US Sailing Racing Rules and SERs. See NORs for modifications and exclusions.

Which N2E IYR race should I do?

There are 3 courses to choose from; N2E, N2SD, N2DP. Entering any of the three allows you to participate in the parties, events, and the Newport Beach start. N2E and N2SD race with a YB Tracker. Here are some reasons for choosing a specific course:

Only N2DP offers Portsmouth ratings and offers entries to small skiffs and beachcats. (non-ocean racing boats) supported by chase boats for safety. It is a great race for Junior teams.page1image56084928page1image56084160

N2SD is intended for racers who don’t want to go to Ensenada. For 2021 it has been lengthened to 92 nm and goes around the North Coronado Island. Mexican documents and visiting US Customs are not required.

N2E is the main event and historically draws the most boats for the tightest class break racing. It includes finishing in a foreign country, Mexico. Someone always asks about safety in Mexico. Cruise ships stop in Ensenada. The US State Department ranks Baja at level 2, exercise increased caution, the same rating as France and Italy.

You can change courses after you enter. Between N2SD & N2E there is no payment issue, as the fees are the same.

Which N2E Class should I enter?

Multihulls will enter ORCA.
Monohulls will enter PHRF. Boats that also have an ORR or ORRez rating can compete for the 1st ORR boat trophy.
PHRF boats may choose CRUZ. CRUZ classes are slower boats that can run their motor(s) for a time penalty. PHRF offers the cruise gear Configuration Adjustment for most cruiser type boats, regardless of whether they enter CRUZ or not. Boats may choose to race Non-Spin in either PHRF CRUZ Non-Spin start class, or non-CRUZ PHRF with a spinnaker rating adjustment.

After entering, NOSA will assign boats to a specific start-class based on class breaks determined from entries (A, B, C…) and their ratings. Similarly, NOSA will divide PHRF non-CRUZ boats into UL and Race fleets based on their Performance Factor. Refer to the NORs for more details.

Why does 2021 N2E not offer a PHRF CRUZ Gennaker fleet, as they have in the past?

NOSA’s goal in making this change is to provide better racing for the participants.
A Gennaker an asymmetrical spinnaker, while a Spinnaker is a symmetrical spinnakers. PHRF takes into account the type of spinnaker when assigning a rating. It is common for both types of spinnakers to race against each other in the same start-classes. Since PHRF has already calculated the performance differences into the ratings, there is no good reason to separate them.
All single value handicap systems work more fairly between similar performing boats, and worse between dissimilar performing boats. PHRF is no exception. Grouping similar boats produces better results. Smaller class break rating ranges group similar boats better. This requires having more boats, so they can be divided into more start classes. Eliminating CRUZ Gennaker puts more boats into CRUZ Spinnaker. For example in 2019 the PHRF Race E class had a class break range from 216 to 232, a spread of 16 and had tight, accurate racing among these slower boats as a result. On the other hand, PHRF CRUZ Gennaker class ratings ranged from 79 to 206, a spread of 127! This was not a tight class. By combining the spinnakers, we hope to have enough boats for a PHRF CRUZ Spinnaker A, B, C, etc., producing better class breaks. Which will provide more accurate handicap racing for the participants.

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Noted offshore yachtsman and America’s Cup veteran John Sangmeister will be at Newport Harbor YC’s Yachtsman’s Lunch on Wednesday, January 15th to discuss this year’s 73rd edition of the Newport to Ensenada Race.





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