September 25, 2018 – NOSA is so excited about the 72nd Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race, that we’ve opened registration early in hopes that more racers will plan to be a part of the iconic spring regatta’s storied history.

The official NOR’s for all three courses are posted here as well. Vice Commodore of Race, Bill Gibbs posted the documents late last week and was first to register Wahoo, his race-winning Schioning GF1400.

The legendary race sets sail in the waters off Newport’s Balboa Pier on April 26, 2019.

Early registration is beneficial for sailors with busy racing schedules so they can plan their calendar in advance, said Gibbs. Additionally, it means racers don’t have to remember to keep checking in for registration to open closer to the race. For the last several years, registration for N2E did not open until January 1.

“N2E 72 is on the horizon and excitement for the race is beginning to mount with the early publication of our NORs,” said Mary Bacon, the Vice Commodore, Administration. Bacon also advised of upcoming and innovative programs, events, and website enhancements including a racing video produced by board member and chief marketing officer, Shaun Prestridge.

Another change that racers will find advantageous is the separation of planing boats from non-planing boats in the ULDB classes. Planing boats go faster in more wind in a way not covered by the basic PHRF handicap rating, Gibbs said. Separating them will provide more accurate corrected time results.

Additionally, stay tuned for upcoming NOSA-organized sailing seminars that new board members Len Bose and Bruce Cooper will overhaul and improve. “There will be something for all levels of racers,” Bacon said.

The race wraps with an award’s ceremony April 28 in the courtyard of the scenic Hotel Coral and Marina, our gracious hosts in Ensenada.

What are you waiting for? Click the registration link! While you are here, please review the NOR’s and discover the history of the race and what’s needed to participate.



NOSA Staff Commodore Tom Kennedy accepts award from CAEPA (Ensenada Autism Center) in recognition for NOSA’s valuable support. Each year, during N2E Race Week, NOSA raises funds to donate to the Center. Racers are encouraged to donate to this worthy cause.

Since 1947, Newport Ocean Sailing Association (NOSA), its members, board of directors and volunteers are proud to host the iconic Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race (N2E). Our race management experts and race officials work tirelessly to ensure that participants, their crew and boats are not only safe, but will experience an exciting, competitive and fair race that can be enjoyed and remembered year after year.