About NOSA

Newport Ocean Sailing Association is a non-profit organization run by a board of directors filled with highly experienced sailboat racers and U.S. Sailing Certified Race Officials who, along with a large group of volunteers, are the premier race management team who host the iconic Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race and others all-the-while promoting yacht racing in Southern California. NOSA provides financial assistance to junior sailing programs and other non-profit organizations that encourage and develop amateur watersports with an emphasis on sailing, boating and seamanship.

NOSA Officers and Directors

Commodore: Bill Gibbs
Vice Commodore, Race: JoAnn Sedgwick
Vice Commodore, Administration: Mary Bacon
Junior Staff Commodore: Tom Kennedy
Chief Financial Officer: Toby Jackson
Chief Marketing Officer: Robert Mooers
Corporate Secretary: Nina Manning
Executive Secretary: Judy Foster
Judge Advocate: Kari A. Keidser

Directors:  Toni Baiunco, Len Bose, Bruce Cooper, David Garcia, Phil Herzfeld, Kim Kymlicka, David Normandin, John Sangmeister, Jeremy Quinton.

Past Presidents & Commodores

Year First Name Last Name Yacht Club
2019 Bill Gibbs PBYC
2018 Daniel Hodge DPYC
2017 Tom Kennedy CBYC
2016 David Shockley LIYC
2015 David Shockley LIYC
2014 Chuck Iverson BYC
2013 Chuck Iverson BYC
2012 Chuck Iverson BYC
2011 Jim Jackman BYC
2010 Doug Jones DPYC
2009 Jerry Montgomery ABYC
2008 Gator Cook BYC
2007 David Garcia BCYC
2006 Jane Benson BCYC
2005 Paul DeCapua BCYC
2004 Tim Johnson BYC
2003 Fred Slocum BYC
2002 Ron Masterson ALYC
2001 Jerry Shandera SSYC
2000 Jim Mahaffy BYC
1999 Wallace Cook BYC
1998 Don Cole BCYC
1997 Bill Marting BYC
1996 Mike McMahon ABYC
1995 Ernie Bain BYC
1994 Jim Drury SSYC
1993 Rod Woods BCYC
1992 John Long BYC
1991 Jerry Moulton SSYC
1990 Lorin Weiss BCYC
1989 Doug Wall BYC
1988 Jim Kerrigan BCYC
1987 Mike Kane SSYC
1986 Robert Bordwell CPBYC
1985 Robert Wheeler BYC
1984 Robert Carolan BYC/SSYC
1983 John Ballew CPBYC
1982 Alan Oleson BYC
1981 Don Moss CORYC
1980 Brame Jerry VYC
1979 Howard Martyn BYC
1978 John E. Holcomb BYC
1977 John Robinson BYC
1976 Preston Zillgitt BYC
1975 James Nugent BYC
1974 Richard Jenness BYC
1973 John R. Payne BYC
1972 George Yule NHYC
1971 Ed Carpenter BYC
1970 Ed Carpenter BYC
1969 Converse Wurdemann BYC
1968 E.H. Riesen BYC
1967 E.H. Riesen BYC
1966 Converse Wurdemann BYC
1965 Converse Wurdemann BYC
1964 A.L. Zerbe BBC
1963 A.L. Zerbe BBC
1962 Bud Desenberg BYC
1961 Bud Desenberg BYC
1960 Porter Sinclair LAYC
1959 Carl Long BYC
1958 Carl Long BYC
1957 Paul Hiller VYC
1956 Paul Hiller VYC
1955 Salvatore Monaco, M.D. NHYC
1954 Robert L. Boyd BYC
1953 Robert L. Boyd BYC
1952 Harry L. Blodgett BYC
1951 Harry G. McKinny, Jr. LAYC
1950 Cliff Chapman BYC/LIYC
1949 Cliff Chapman BYC/LIYC
1948 Cliff Chapman BYC/LIYC

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